Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tool #5

I ended up using Delicious for my bookmarking. The two sites I marked are:

I tagged these both with "mobile technology." I am interested in using the itouches as polling devices in the classroom. We have the activ votes for the activboard- but this would allow the students to expand their answers and ideas and not just respond with multiple choice. I can see where social bookmarking could be a great collaborative tool in the classroom. Students could research sites needed to perform group research projects. They enjoy using the internet and this gives them a clear purpose and objective.


  1. I like your blog,I like the daily puppy. Libby created her own blog and put that on it. question.... I think I figured out how to do a hyperlink, but how do I make a certain word a hyperlink?

  2. make sure you highlight the word you want to hyperlink and then click on the paperclip icon in the editing post screen. An url window will open for you to type in the address you want to link to.

  3. I love the banner on top of the page by image chef; I want one; I am going to "attempt" to do something like that.

  4. Jenny I was reading the comments and I love the link http://www.imagechef.com/

    Thanks, great info! I would like to do something ¨cool¨ with this webpage :)