Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tool #4

1. I created a form document to find out when some of my peers would like to get together to work on 11 Tools. I asked three questions using multiple choice and selecting a choice. I have used this before when we worked on the Power to Learn grant. It is very convenient and definitely makes working on grants easier.
2. I had already set up my Google reader account but I added some of my peers from 11 Tools both at my school and where I had originally worked. I sometimes forget about Google because I use my work email for everything. I will have to remember how convenient it is!
3. The form document will allow me to collaborate effortlessly with my peers. The youtube video was very familiar to me. I spent many evenings printing off emails and then entering the information into spreadsheets. No more!!! The Google Reader will allow me to stay connected to others through my "home base." This should promote more collaboration and networking. I can totally see using the form document to communicate with students. Together the teacher and student can create projects and research topics.

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  1. You have so many cute things on your blog. I love the daily puppy.