Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tool #2

My thoughts about building an online education community and participating in a PLN are a definitive yes! Students are already sharing online- via facebook and email. As educators, it is our responsibility to teach them tech-etiquette as well as the benefits educationally of online communtities. They have the social aspect down- we just need to further their horizons.
I agree with Cool Teacher that if you are going to make a comment- make it count. The blogger needs to have productive feedback. Online discussions with real teachers allows us to collaborate conveniently and on our own timeline.
I made comments on the following blogs:


  1. I am evidence that nice comments make bloggers feel good! The purple martin blog is super fun and I hope to turn control over to the second graders next year! I have applied for a grant with lots of goodies to support the project from a distance!

  2. I completely agree! This is a wonderful opportunity for us as educators! I believe that being a part of a PLN truly allows us to relate to the kids.