Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tool # 10

There are an infinite amount of free applications available for the itouch/iphone. I enjoy the fact that they can be downloaded directly to the device without having to sync with a computer. The delete function is also convenient. I like the following free applications: 300+ sight words, eReader, Stanza, Evernote,Classics, and USA Free. I have also used the timer function to signal students when an activity is finished.

I have played with the ipad in the Apple store. I loved the graphics and the size of the device. This would be great for our special education students with vision issues.  The e-reader application literally puts a book at your fingertips. 
I like the application: iReward Chart. This application would allow the teacher and/or student to track appropriate behaviors. I downloaded the application to my iphone and have been using it with my preschooler. I am using it to reinforce positive behaviors. For example, when he cleans his room he gets a star and then the accumulation of stars results in a reward. There is a pass code on the application to prevent him from giving himself "free" stars. This application would be great for our students who are on behavior intervention plans. It is portable and private. Locabulary lite is an application that provides speech to common vocabulary terms. The vocabulary is divided into - quick phrases, moods and assistance. For our life skill students there is an application- Model Me Kids. This application has mini videos on showing a child going to different places- such as the hairdresser, mall, doctor, grocery store and restaurant. This would be a good reference tool for our nonverbal students.

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  1. It was great to "pick the brain" of a teacher who has had so much experience using the i-devices in both personal and educational settings. Your ideas expanded my concept of the true benefits of these devices.